TSOTPPOVAU according to a local unauthorized philosopher

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The steps of the philosophical points of view and understandings according to a local unauthorized philosopher.

Today I shall be brief.

There is no greater lesson you will ever learn than to be aware that you are only human.

What do I mean?
That you are not perfection, you are not the peak of mammal evolution, and your specie will VERY certainly not last in this planet for much longer.

Where do I go with this?
Sure, it is really fantastic that we can think, hope and dream. But we must understand that our thoughts are limited, our understanding and perception has a limit.

What a dog can perceive, in terms of conception is not as developed as what we can, but the fact that there is someone who can see more DOES NOT mean that the dog has a narrow comprehension only because we have a bigger one, and that of ours is the greatest. And far from meaning we are greater it is only evidence of how there must be so many things in the world we can not perceive, understand or grasp. And so we are ignorant of these things and believe that what we see is all there is to it.

This applies to all, and you might want to take this into another fields. But my point is that we are animals, we can think, but that doesn't mean we can understand all there is. And it is kind of paradoxical, but necessary, to understand that we can't understand things that are there, without this being an evidence that there's no such thing.

We are limited, and we need to understand that what there is outside is not as limited as we are.

So stop with the absurd explanations to stuff you can't understand.

[No Jimmy, I don't mean God or Santa Claus, I actually mean the opposite]

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