Man and solitude

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In a crooked hotel in the middle of downtown there is an empty room where only moths, grey and dusty curtains ever exist, everything else only makes an apologetic appearance and leaves. Today solitude will make an entrance, and the roaring whispers of desperation will become quiet. Like always, solitude will be there only for a few weeks, but will leave the room with her stench, which in case you didn't know is a natural repellent of Jazmin and good taste.

Solitude doesn't know this yet, but when she arrives to the dinner next to the Downtown hotel ,she will ask for a coffee free of intentions or sugar, but will learn that the only one coffee container in the whole dinner will be in another person's table. On normal conditions this would have only made her be annoyed, but in this case it made her destroy a man; but that's getting too ahead. Solitude will ask for the coffee, but some guy will be using it and the waitress will take it back and forth from table to table. Solitude will no longer be drinking the coffee, but like she is: selfish and impulsive she will only ask for it for the heck of it. The man eating a honey-burger will laugh at this and take the coffee as an excuse to pass a move onto solitude. She will be pleased.

This man, Man, will move to her table and make a humorous remark about her drink and foreigners in that town, naturally solitude won't laugh, instead she will get an ice cube out of her bag and put it in the table, then she will spray some lily scent in her hands and lips. Man will like everything about solitude, because subconsciously it will remind him of her now dead absent mother. So solitude will eventually give into the small talk, which will lead them into knowing how much they have in common, like their dislike for girls named Madagascar and their love and hate relationship with Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Ten she will see an open window and let her scarf become a whisper and fly out; this will mean she'll let him in.

The relationship will kick off with chalky sex and tea-time conversation, Man will notice her daddy issues (which she hasn't) and he will be aware of her commitment troubles, and so he will take it slowly even if Man will quietly begin to love her, every inch of her massless skin and body. Solitude will let herself go and not be her usual, she will let him tag along in her trips around the world, she will break some rules of her job, but she won't care, she'll be having a blast. As for feelings go solitude will remain herself until her last breath.

Man will write love, build dreams and sing happiness because he will for once feel complete. Solitude will only be having fun. One starred day Solitude will come out of the shower and Man will be in the room waiting for her with a envelope of promises and a box of doom, which will contain a ring.

He will propose, she'll spray lily scent and run to his arms, she will then whisper something to his ear then grab her scarf and Solitude will make a departure.

Now Man will stand there for a while thinking of the words the now vanished concept had said, no doctor would ever agree with his version of the facts, but he will swear from that moment on that he had heard his heart breaking into a million pieces. The pieces will cut into his muscles, his organs and very deep into his soul, it will hurt, badly. Man will lose his name and his promises, along with his good taste and love for jazmin, but now he would never again be lonely.

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