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Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guys, I think we've been doing it the wrong way all along...

You see, normal blogs have posts where the author talks about his experiences, and the clever ones get to relate it it something newsworthy, giving an enriching experience for the reader who can both, be informed and relate with the anecdotes of the blogger. There are also the ones that only cover news on specific subjects with their very own spicy twist, like a column that would never be published in a formal publication.

So what the hell have we been doing?

As far as I've read we've never covered news, like pafff, we make more posts about either dead or forgotten people than we do of ourselves. And speaking about ourselves, we have never given any details about our lives, we've actually lied a couple of times (shocker, I'm not a teacher). So why do we keep doing it? For you lovely readers? I doubt so, we only have three followers and I doubt even they read this.

Now this is where you would expect some change of light in the post, here I would explain philosophically why we are indeed a blog even if we don't cover news, interesting shiny stuff and our literature is crap. But I'm not going to really, because well, when you are this famous you don't have to explain yourself to anyone. You simply say:

I have over 700 posts bitches!

That has to be more than any "indie" working blog. Sure quantity is not quality, but we're effing kicking ass making daily posts. (even if at times they're YouTube videos ¬.¬)

So. Welcome to the largest no-really-bloggy-blog without readers you'll ever find (crossing fingers you don't search)

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