Random dialogue

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As we fixed the pillows to sleep and the flight attendant brought the blankets I was still looking trough the window really anxious

"Don't worry, you're in for one of those life great adventures" said uncle Jack

There were two lanes for this situations: expectations or pessimism. One took me to a lakeside with lots of people my age enjoying the summer bliss, all having fun and having one of those dynamics where I teased this guy called Brook, and then we caught up in a friendly argument where everybody started commenting nonsense and then we laughed and secretly swore eternal friendship. The other, and most likely features me in a library pretending to read a rather terrible book about mountain climbing while the only girl who says "hi" to me in the entire school passes by and avoids me, there there is no Brook, only lame books. This one is not an expectation.


"You'll make friends alright" said uncle Jack "And when you are there send my regards to the Cumbria girls, there is one your age, but I'm not sure of her name..."

"Sure... but won't there be like a thousand people there?"

"Ha! If there is one Cumbria girl left in that school, believe me you'll meet her"

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