Orphan story

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Here's a midnight gift:

A story for anyone who likes it to take it.

In the future (no science fiction, just realistic modern world of 2029) There is this new service where you can have a long distance relationship, and for the sex you hire people who come in special suits to appear like you long distance partner. Both of you at the same time have sex with this suited person, there is instant connection of sounds and such, so you actually feel like it is the other person. This is totally professional and the suited people are never seen out of the mask.

This hits the roof and is used by people who live in different places, but also by people who work all the time. Now relationships change forever.

Plot comes when in one case a woman falls in love with one of these suited men who come and have sex for pay. Then there is a unraveling about what love truly is and the importance of touch.

Introduce a dilemma of emotional and "flesh" needs. Also portray the decadence of the society.

Can give each character a wide range of personalities.

Preferably the end will have a expected turn of events but for reasons unexpected.

The end.

[I know nobody will adopt this idea, but neither will I, these orpahn stories, what a sad story]

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