Dun Durududndun

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This post makes no sense :)

(check out the SixtyOne )

We write music in special sheets so you can understand this... which for you has no rhythm but makes a lot of sense to me. See? Another obvious fact you probably knew already ;).

*Right now dear stranger I have rather nothing to say and no drawings left to fill this space, so instead I'll tell you about this idea I had concerning the Kite.

Dear Mrs. Kite

Hogwarts is freaking over, now what?Now Jimmy, now we live!Whatever... Where I'm going is that... this is one of those places where the roads divide and lives change. Change is unavoidable, panta rheii. Shodop! Anyway, This means we can't slack off anymore. And no darling, I don't mean with work, I mean with this freaking thing we call blog. Now more than ever it has to mean something, because after all it's kind of the last daily connection, no more owls D: .

Anyway, yes I just used this as a filler skipping the one day i've decided to feel with some other stuff I'll make up another day.

*I seriously believe no one besides us know what we're talking like ever... Maybe that's why we don't ever get any readers or comments. D:

*Hey! Dear stranger, yes you, the one who reads the "occasional" short story and sees our links just because you're the nicest person ever :)! You! Leave a comment, tell us something, ANYTHING. We'll love you forever and ever <3!

*If drunk texting/calling is dangerous how is drunk blogging? (BTW I'm totally sober, just leaving that out there)

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