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Today I saw this article which I'm not really sharing so I can have creative freedom reporting it. Said article stated that the three main conditions found in people who live over 100 years are vegetarianism, no alcohol consumption and a strong religious lifestyle. This sounds about right, while vegetarianism is sort of controversial and there are lots of studies and to be honest I'm not an expert, but let's face it, reducing all the cholesterol and fats that much can't be so bad for the heart can it?

Then, the alcohol... well, liver damage has long term repercussion, I suppose that you don't get as far as 60 when you're a hardcore alcoholic. Again, I'm not documented enough to pretend this is accurate. And then, religion. A strict discipline makes up for the most rigorous lifestyles, which can in a long term be beneficial. Obeying, being good to others, having an unexplainable certainty that somehow it will all be alright; that must make for a very calmed life.

I suppose that tranquility is the key word of all this. No artery stress, no liver stress, no existentialist stress; it's sounding more and more logical huh? I could easily believe this.
And I do.
To live long you have to be a religious-sober vegan.
But you know what?

I love meat.
I love booze.
and more than that
I love blasphemy.

To live those 100 years would be like no living. What point is there to life if there is always peace and quiet? What's the point of going on a roller coaster if it is a plain ride?

Keep your 100 years.
I'll keep my unhealthy life.

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Screw it, I want to be a drunken atheist... :D