Don't Conform

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I ♥ PostSecret

But this is definitely one of my favorites.
First of all it's a somewhat good picture, and the arrangement is artsy. But the message "I don't feel like I have to conform when I'm with you", it's just too sublime.

I mean, I will never know what did the author mean, and what secret exactly is he/she keeping, but the way this gets me has a deep meaning. Given the whole mess and huge confusion there is in society, the complex entanglements we've made in these relationship tangos, conforming seems like a way out of the mess. Conforming is also the dead of living young and free, there's nothing less romantic than having to live with something we didn't want just because of fear of not finding something better or because that's how life turned out.

Conformation feels so spirit breaking in so many levels, we'd all like not to ever feel it, or so I hope.

The secret is proficient too because the way I see it, there are many things you look for in a friend or a partner of even a booty call, but there's no such a thing as the perfect person for you; so to find someone who you can tell -there is no conformation next to you- well, I bet there are few things in life that feel better.

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