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Will there ever be such a thing as -enough- outside the abstract thought? Can there be enough of something we want or need? Are we ever loved enough? Can we feel safe enough? Can we live enough?

I believe ambition, greed and such root in an endless source of needs, craves, feelings of emptiness that somehow we need to fill. And while it serves as a very -let's say- useful poetic resource, these infinite urges for something we can't quite make up what is, are destroying us, constantly. I can only wonder if there is an eternal supply of wishes we could have, and how can they go.

And what do we have to stuff the holes?
People to love?
Drugs to consume?
Do we only need for someone to need us?

I could make an endless list of addictions. And while there are some healthier than others, they all take up to the point where we call it an addiction -being dependent of something-, having an infinite need of.

I'm not complaining, I'm aware these is what drives us, what pulls us towards something sometimes greater. It is motivation.

But does it ever stop? The craving, the search for something new and better, the feeling of never being whole.

Is there a way out?
Illumination perhaps?


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