The four friends and the sinner's palace

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Once upon a time there were four boys whose friendship and deeds transcended their little village in the mountain. At their young age the were already known to have solved criminal mysteries, caught villainous juvies and rescued youngsters in distress. Their adventures were told everywhere they went, and they would make history, they thought. That is until one day they ended up in a place of decadence without redemtion, and then their lives changed forever.

Red, who feared nothing and laughed in the sight of danger was dared by one of his dearest friends, Yellow to find one thing none of the four had seen. Yellow had the sharpest tongue of them all and was sure Red would never collect anything that would have escaped Blue's natural curiosity and thirst of knowledge, or Green's affinity to collecting rare objects and learning their stories. Yellow had finally found a challenge for the bravest of them all, to outcome his own friends at their expertises.

Red went to the most inhospitable of places to find the most strange of oddities, but one way or the other, at least one of the four eleven agers had seen it. The boys traveled to the den where all flea-filled wigs end up, they visited the old manor where the crazy people who took too much medicine ended up. They even went to the town's tavern.

No luck.

At least no until a city map showed them that there was only one building they had never visited. Yellow wondered if they were allowed there in the first place, to what red answered some taunt that ended with the boys walking to the last place on Earth they thought they would go.

When they were finally there, they saw it, the place where no other kid had ever gone before, the hell house every single person told them never to look at. The building was not horrid, in fact in look well preserved, and actually had a pretty facade. But in its door were engraved the two words that read eternal fire: Sex Shop

"This is as far as we'll get, I'm sure we're not supposed to even be looking at it" said green, taking steps away from the place. "Oh no, hell no, we're not going anywhere. You wanted to see something you had never seen before, here it is" said red as he came closer to that place of sin. After some childish argument among the boys, the thing finally settled by teasing whoever wouldn't go in was a girl... Anyway, they all went in.

Given the nature of this tale, it would be too perverse to describe the contents of said store, damaging the moral of the reader. But it would only be fair to describe the aftermath of the boys' doing.

Red at last found his match, something he was not ever going to look further into, something he was not willing to take to the end. Something that made him look away.

Green at the beginning was wondering which of the articles would be of collector's value, that is until he saw a very colorful magazine showing her mother in a cover, in ways no boy wants to ever see his mother... or any other person for that matter.

Yellow's curiosity for what was under girls' skirts died, it was not satisfied, it just died. In fact, he swore he would never look at any of that ever again. Lucky him he got to break that promise years later.

But for blue the experience was not that unpleasant. The colors, the odors, the shapes and the entire atmosphere of being in a secret place where he was not supposed to be made him squeal. It was a place where everything was unknown and there he could discover everything, but at the end of the day, only he would know it, only he would have that, and that gave him a feeling of belonging and contempt yearning. At last he had found a place to call home.

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