Social convention

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Social convention to me is like a rare traditional belly dance, done every time a sacred cow smiles at the whistling meadows of eternity, with singing and choreographed dramatic movements along sidewalks.

Yea, that's how much sense it makes.

Once you've seen it happen for some years you get used to seeing it, and being part of it, but that by no reason means I know the lyrics to the part where we all stand in the middle of the street, or that I can tell when is the cow just flexing the face muscles.

Being stated I'm an outcast, I can say that my observations from the outside have led me to a (kind of) important hypothesis. Social convention is nothing else than people wanting others to acknowledge their existence.

Let's start by stating that nobody is anybody else. Obvious right? But think of all the implications of trying to organize billions of others individuals that, just like you, have free will, believes, conflicts, childhood traumas, different education and such and such. But it is not only the ideas, let's think about all the people who actually consider themselves the center of the universe, -insufferable pricks- you might think, but they have a point, and that is that outside ourselves... we know NOTHING for certain.

And here's where I'm going. Aside from the things in your mind, your ideas, your discipline, your plans, there is nothing you can assume certain. It doesn't matter how much you socially relate to others, at the end of the day you will be forever isolated in your own head stating yourself what is true, what isn't, what's real and what's not.

It is YOUR reality.

Given this, we're all just isolated individuals who can only reach each other with interactions that will never compare to knowing each other like one knows one's self.

Now, in this panorama it would sound like I'm talking about a community of autistic people who live in loneliness. But we actually need each other.

Communication can be hard because we are widely aware of our own ability to ignore, to change the facts and such. So we need a way to be sure that the other guy, the lonely individual in it's own planet, understand what we, in our little world, wanted to let out. And thus making it a pain in the ass telling wanting to express anything without some certainty.

And we all know we love certainty. (kind of)

So we force ourselves and others to enter these games of pose and dramatic entrances. We need rules to play the game where everybody feels like other people know they exist, where they are sure they're not so lonely. We need to make sure the other knows we exist. Greet them when we enter the room, say good bye, ask about their families, call if they are sick, laugh at their stupid jokes, smile when they tell you of their little life triumphs.

So we have to make all these complicated dance steps so everybody knows how to take correctly the queue of their solo after the fire works start in the background.

I've never been good at dancing, or getting out of my own little planet... or acknowledging other's existences for that matter.

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