About birds and angst

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'll be cryptic, so don't worry if you don't understand.
(yes future me, i made this little sense back now(?) )

Ever since the winged creature whispered in my ear, you know I've frequented this ethereal screens of stories, partly because they're good, and also to be kind of informed of whatever it says about the wings.

But lately whenever I go back to the screens, I just feel effing anxious... I mean it's not only that they tell me someday I'm going to be murder by the hands of time, but that I'm making a terrible use of my minute trust fund. That's scary. One thing is to know that the world's running out of resources and eventually we'll extinct... but to think I, ME, yourstruly is running out of the only true resource we have the right of using, doesn't feel like a hundred dollars.
But you know.
So it goes.

It is not only the ridiculous squander, but also the lack of resume I have! No references, no job interview experience. Who's ever going to hire me for a long term job? (kind of a bad analogy, don't worry, I'm not looking a freelance job as a table dancer [just yet]).

But you know how I am, always worrying ahead of time. Or so I tell myself to forget the stress. But this time, I'm not ahead of time, all the birds have already had some stormy, tiring, ridiculous job. Who needs a penguin these days when the sky's filled with pigeons.

[I can only hope for my French scientist/philosopher...]

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