Making space

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This post comes in several parts.

--I simply loved this strip x)

--Old scriptures found in the bottom of my paper made nest.

*Ghosts of ancient monsters appear before me, not to confront me again, but to remind me of the simplicity of other times.

*La verdad tomó un mazo, se levantó de su silla de acabado persa, y arrastrando tal herramienta se colocó detras de mi. Y sin mayor reparo, me destrozó los sesos.

--Life advise (from an unsuccessful blogger without a degree)

*Whenever you have fear to do something, are thinking twice or there's too much work, remember one day you will die. It puts things in perspective.

*There are some questions you will never be able to answer. This doesn't mean you get to give your story of choice to make things fit. If things are uncertain, that's how they are, deal with it.

*If you can't do anything about it, then worrying won't make it better.

*When dusting, use a covering mask. (even more so if you are allergic to dust)

*If (when) you get to the conclusion that human existence is absurd and that the search for meaning is that there is truly no meaning at all... you will finally see the true beauty of life, no strings attached.

*Doubt of everything anybody says, the second you hear something and instantly agree with it, you know it's time to do some changes.

*Don't take the internet, or life for that matter too seriously; at the end it is all for the lulz.

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