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You (should) know I'm not really superstitious, I can't afford to, being a pretentious scientific prick anyway, but I can understand a clear sign when I see it...

I don't know about you, but I think this means I should probably spend less time in the internet, but I guess it is a matter of interpretation.


Actually what I think it means is that I should spend less time contemplating and more time creating.

Somewhere (in the internet) I read a quote (who's author I ignore) saying that to be truly creative one had to loose fear of failure... or making something lame. And I suppose that's what I should be doing, lame creative content.

It's simple statistics, out of many crappy works one will eventually be enjoyable.
So I'll stick to signs and probability here to justify myself, thing I don't need to do since most likely there's NOBODY reading this anyway :).

I've started...
(obviously wait for the next post)

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oh disapointment for yerself :) i actually read it jijiji