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Dearest blog,

let me tell you something you perhaps already noticed: Whenever there's something rounding my mind, and it just won't leave, it ends up here. I should credit all my good posts to this, but I don't have any good posts... so...

The point is that today it's not about a story, or a thought, no more philosophy or decadence, or ranting. Just one single phrase

How the hell did I end up with such great friends?

I'm not the cheesy type (pfff), not really, I don't say these things. But it has rounded my mind, whenever I think about loneliness and being a particle of dust in the universe, I can't really let myself go. There's always this reminder that the most awesome people I know happen to be close to me, and honestly, I have no idea how did I do it, I'm completely annoying, lack any sense of sensibility (see what I did there?), have a terrible sense of humor and unapproachable mood swings.

Well... leaving beside the selfcentred emo rant, I do believe these people are not just special because they put out with me, but because they really are the most amazing people I know. (just let me find more impressive people and I'll find a new friend list...)(jk). But seriously... I mean. How can uncertainty be so kind?

There, my 10 minutes a year of sober cheesiness are gone. Glad you were part of it dear blog.

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