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I made a post about Magritte's work some days ago, and explained I like it so much mainly because of the ideological content. Now I want to share another artist. Alphonse Mucha. His main work is doing posters, in an art nouveau current with "utilitarian" art. His posters feature beautiful women surrounded by nature and flowers. Honestly, I don't believe there's much to it, but I just love the bi-dimensional, almost vectorial design he makes, and how much intensity it acquires by being so simple.

Let me show you

I truly enjoy this particular one because of my mystical background. Growing up as a kid I was very much into all the esoteric, mystical, mythical and magical. And this poster would have taken my breath away, the soft and even subtle beauty that comes from her eyes. The ornamentation, yet achieving a weird sense of harmony in the whole piece. As if we were seeing the portrait of the queen of all that is magical, ethereal, and righteous.

The there's pieces like this one too

This one's not purposefully esoteric, but it still holds a certain mystical air. They are rather simple drawings, not using many colors and not paying much attention to reality and image depth, it holds a certain beauty that I find sublime. Maybe it's just plain and out there, but I find a subtle appeal to it.

But anyway, just keep clicking away.
To find more punch the next poster

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I loved the art work you posted, in fact I clicked the link to see more of the work of Alphonse Mucha, but my favorite is the same one as you, the zodiac lady. For some reason it reminded me a little of tarot card which I used to find facsinating, simply because of their drawings ever since I was small.

Thank you.