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So, I've been listening to a lot of Of Montreal lately, specially the album Skeletal Lamping, which let me tell you, is a jewel. A little sick perverted jewel that'll raise a brow or two and make you dance and want to become a beautiful dance whore (10 points if you get the reference).

And instead of telling you some introspective of mine written in such a way that nobody could possibly read it, I'll just quote what I've learned from them. Kids, take notes, this could be useful.

I'm the kind of mannequin that cheats and
Opens its eyes to the ladies of the spread

I feel like an accidental species
Some mutant love child never meant to be

Why is it white girls don't ever have any ideas?
And they don't even know what's on my channel
But that is true for almost everyone, everyone but you
My goat, my crab, my scorpion
You're my icons 'cause you're different, you're different
I love wicked wisdom

We can do it softcore if you want,
but you should know I take it both ways

Why am I so damaged, girl?

I asked your friend if you were available
She answered, not but yes, oh well, oh well, yes and no
Now, I'm noting the limits of our parabola
To predict the points of thou-shalt-not-return
This inbreeding of ideas is intolerable

I wanna show you off
I wanna tell you lies
I wanna write you books

I don't want to be your man
I just wanna play with you

I need you here, and not here too
how can I explain? I need you here, and not here too
It's so embarrassing to need someone like I do you
Things could be different
But they're not.

Not that all (or any >.> ) applies to me of course...

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