Letter from the past

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dearest Kite, do you remember 3 years ago, we made a letter to our future selves?
Do you remember when we were even younger and MORE foolish?

It is kind of a nice thought to see how much I've matured, how much I've dealt with stuff I feared to do back then. It is also kind of cute to see how naive you really were compared to what you now have seen and done.

The problems are very different now, the anxieties and teenage angst has nothing to do now than from back then. I always assume I'm changing, but once you see an example of what reality was back then, it is really eye opening, I suppose.

I was just curious dearest Kite (and D, and rest of the reading family) have you read your letter? Who was that teenager? Were her hopes of the future futile? Did it turned out to be just as expected or even better?

What can the present tell you about your past future?

Mine tells me I'm a more complete person now. I've faced many of the monsters in the closet, so to say. And I'm definitely much more satisfied with my life now than I used to be, even if that is hard to believe...

Now I'm just thinking about the future, will I look back and see the actual present as a silly dark time? Perhaps, I can just hope the uncertainty will favor me (us).

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To me, it show me just how much time 3 years actually are. It might not seem as much, but so many things can happen in 3 years. It's not better or worse than expected, because I couldn't really expect much.