Before he leaves to Sidney

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This is it Celia, I'm standing here one last time. I love you, with all your complexities and complications, I love you just as you are. But I can't keep waiting forever, I need you to be here, to be with me.

I...I have never felt...

I have never felt anything for anyone really.


And that includes you. Seriously? An ultimatum? What kind of love is that.

Please, please don't shut yourself in that emotional lock, we can be so happy together. I know it is hard for you, but I also know you feel this too, I know I'm not hallucinating.

Me? Feel this?

Robert, you were a very convenient Saturday fuck for the last year, and the ride. I enjoyed it, it was...


But now we have to move on.

I can't believe you're doing this to us, to you.

heh... I don't need your shiny armor prince, what do you know about me?

I know you struggle to come out of that shell every day, I know that you're fighting to reach me, but you've reached a point where there's nothing I can do anymore. I'm sure you're feeling this too.

Just like you were sure I was monogamous and faithful?

Wait what?

Your brother Bill may be an under accomplished jock, but he knows how to make the Earth rock.




Have to go.

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