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Science? Art?
How can they mix?

Seriously, art creates, it is beautiful and describes things words can not.

Science only discovers, is dry and is very methodical, there is no space for creation.

Pfft, art? Who needs it if you have sciences?
Art only expresses things, it really does nothing, it's only to externalize something within the
human, science is about applying knowledge and making life better, art produces nothing useful.

Art, philosophy, communications and such are only useful for meaningless social interactions.

Will these people ever agree?

Because none of them knows what art or science is.

Art is the externalization of ideas and feelings.
Science is the deepest externalization of curiosity
Curiosity is a feeling.

Art AND Sience both express things language fails to, how could you describe with language alone the desperation of existence, or the mechanism by which oxygen takes the electrons out of the cellular respiration so it can keep going?

Technology is applying knowledge, science is not.
Did Newton, Dalton, Rutherford, Pauli, etc. ever made something applicable for life? Because neither calculus (by itself), knowing about atoms, alpha rays or exclusion principles have ever made life any simpler. So science is not about finding the solutions of life. It is about seeking that which is not known. Art is about seeking that which is not there yet. Sounding similar?

So, next time you hear a scientist saying art is meaningless and an artist questioning the depth of science, just bitch slap them and show them this:

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