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[this is like the serious part where I address things of discussion and deep thought]

A fettish is defined as an obsession towards something.

But these days the only fetish you hear about is sex-related. But then again, are we really obsessed with anything other than sex-related content?

The thing is, where do we put the boundaries of what is normal to like and what becomes a "depravation"? Is there a safe line when to say that it is okay for a man to like a woman's feet and to say it is just wrong when they like to lick them? Because really, with all the sorts of people there are, by this time we shouldn't really be surprised by any -uncommon- taste.

But as always, we make a huge effort and thrive in making ourselves feel like there's something wrong with us. Because even after we know there is so much variety in the world we insist in calling it abnormalities and finger them (no pun intended...) yet hiding ours. Because we just have this fucked up vision of what normal is, or should be. And this is why this sort of worlds become so secretive and obscure.

And this is why we google things we think are wrong, just to reassure it is indeed wrong as we have been taught, but maybe someone else thinks differently. Or do they say, it is the internet after all.


[this is the part where I make fun of people in the internet]

seriously? driving? that's the best thing you can come up with?

You must be right... because kids aged 16 CAN'T possibly drive.
Someone should have told Nabokov about this before he made an entire novel.
It has nothing to do with being mature, having money or just having a developed body and intellect.


Driving is the new sexy.

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