Posted by Mrs. Kite | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, December 17, 2009

So you came in today, it was suposed to be like last year, and the year before that, but you were just a little different. When I think about it, maybe you weren't, perhaps you were just like those days when I thought you were only an ass, or perhaps something had really changed. Maybe it was the fact that the only clothes you had in that house were the beige trousers and the vest I saw you with the other day, and today.
The thing is, you were polite, you made a fair conversation and you saw me making faces over the vacation anecdotes and the horoscope discussion, and you laughed a little, something the social convention asks for, but it was not honest.
I want to know what happened, I might get that information from the other guy... until then, au revoir

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