What would you do?

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People who will most likely read this have all questioned the bases of Christmas itself and so I won't really go deep into that.

Also, you have probably received the wish of a happy day for at least a dozen times, so I will just be brief: be happy.

What I'm about to tell you concerns other things more important about Christmas: it is different from the rest of the year.

It doesn't matter if you celebrate in church along with hundreds of people, or if you just sit in front of the TV with your cat. The thing is that you know it is unlike the rest of the year, whatever that reason is.

And maybe you don't think about this, but we (because of all of our free time) do: What will be your new experience given this opportunity?

It is special, 24th of December of 2009 will never occur again. In fact non of the other days, but the point is that this one is special. So how are you going to use it? What will you do that is new and memorable? What will make Christmas special?

Will you finally tell your parents about the piercing that nearly got infected two months ago?

Will you get so drunk with old aunt Agnes you will begin to like her despite her warts?

Will you box half of your dinner and take it to a place where they need it more?

Will you stay up all night dancing with your grandma? :)


Will you sit at dinner, share presents and go to sleep?

Whatever you do Blackbird Fields wishes you the happiest winter solstice you can have (given that climate change may cause a disruption in normal solstice dating and such)

:D !

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