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Lately I've been thinking of you dear reader across the street. In some years, when we are publishing authors, you will be there saying "hey I read you before you were anyone" and we will be too caught up with the free booze that we won't hear you. But for your luck I'm thinking right now about you, and so I will give you fresh new quotes extracted from the big fat eccentric book of secrets.

This way you will be the only one who has this quotes, for they appear in no other texts, or will they ever. And no, again this has nothing to do with the lack of possible content I could have included if I took more time for this. I'm just thinking of you dearest reader. Always have always will.

So, as I was saying:

"Don't ask me how, but I just know that the second you stare at me, or look into my eyes I will simply vanish forever, like dust swept by wind. And never will I be found again."

"Vampire appears. Kills her"

"How's a philosopher-writer-scientist-artist-journalist-unauthorized shrink-ecologist
ever supposed to find a job in this town?"

"Measure life in experiences"

"Here's where you wonder if last night was worth it."

"Does anyone in the entire world wear a condom while having a sex dream? In the dream I mean"

"Nadie lloró por los dinosaurios"

"I stole a year of live"

"Dios es justo y necesario... la gente no tiene solo el gobierno que se merece, sino el dios también."

"Diario de un geni...udo"

[hope you find love with that booty call]

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