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Remember I once said my new life philosophy would be one found in a post-secret post card? The one about pretending to come from the future so I could appreciate Now? (see, this blog has some continuity) well I remembered that the other night.

And came back to the blog and noticed how forgotten it is, and i made me somehow sad because of the Now, but the future was crushed. And I realized that somehow this is the only traceable footprint of Nows that I'm leaving for posterity.
And something needed to be done.

So I left behind the fear of creating worthwhile content and decided to blog away. So I'll ramble my way out of this.

We're near the end. Erase Near, this is it, the end of the world. Beyond here lies nothing we have knowledge of, abandon all hope.

I'll miss the long rides to nowhere in specific with the SAME old music and the same old peers. I'll miss the way we created worlds that nobody else would ever understand. I'll miss how with only a glance we already knew what we were going to laugh at the next moment. I'll miss how I didn't have to explain my spontaneous cold face and feet and my sudden warm phases and faces. I admit I will miss too how despite our lack of TV-series drama, we did kind of made a story worth telling, and a YA ambiance fitted for a story.

Now it's time to hunt mammoths solo and seek new tribes.


But these times are also about expectations, a land of eternal suffering, but enormous joy at the same time. Expectations for friendship, knowledge, love, realization, battles, struggle: experiences. New uncles, new sisters, new brothers, new riders.

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