Your friend the kite

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Saturday, May 01, 2010

You put your head trough the window, the wind enters and shakes everything up, it strikes your face and plays with your hair, you turn and in the jungle of toys and hidden worlds you pick the kite and run to the door. You go as fast as you can, and you can still feel the wind in your face as you go down the stairs and finally exit.

The trees are really green, the grass is still wet and you can feel it in your ankles and the Sun shines everywhere. The clouds are fluffy and form all kinds of dinosaurs and creatures of the night, you grab your kite by the string and start running. You run trough the golden meadows, pass trough the giant trees, the kite is not gaining any height. The you look at it, kind of disappointed, but you trust him, he will rise and fly, you tell him so, he must rise and fly.

So you stand there and start spinning, and you keep on spinning, spinning, spinning until you see the kite finally doing it, it is rising, almost levitating towards the fluffy clouds and deep blue blue sky. You knew he would do it. Now you run again with it.

You twist and shout, your kite is flying, you're taking it everywhere, for him to see the world from the top, you show him the pond, you run by the red oaks for him to say hi to the squirrels, and then you finally take him to the super secret place. He has earned it. You take a left turn in the giant gray rocks, climb the miniature waterfall and end up in your secret fortress. He might not see because of the trees, but you know he like it.

After a while there you fill a pull from the string, you wonder if it is the trees trying to play with your kite, but then you look, the kite is calling for you. So you to a place where you two can see each other and he pulls you forward. You're stranged at first, but you follow him anyway. The kite pulls faster and faster forward and now you have to run to keep up with him. Your feet against the ground begin to hurt, until at last, they are no longer against the ground.

As you run towards the kite, you realize you are no longer stepping the floor, but instead running in the air, your kite is taking you. You give one last look at the distant ground, say your farewells, and keep on running in the wind, to wherever the kite takes you.

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