Young and foolish

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Monday, May 31, 2010

Broken hearts shatter in a sea of stomach voids, pressed up chests and deviated attentions. They seek alternative, often find themselves being broken in a million pieces, never to be seen together again.

But today's not about the broken hearts. (It is about an experience made me think of them)
It's about discussing the growing pains of the heart.

There are so many stories, books, movies and creative networking in general devoted to depict young love. We could make houses for all the inhabitants of small countries of all the material there is about it. So there is no need to emphasize its importance in western society. Young love sells, young and restless hearts that can give up life in change of love, there's hardly a better selling story.

Is it that young people have stronger needs to satisfy romantically? Or is it that older people know the pain of a breakup and so they guard themselves? I could hardly say, here in the south pole we don't get a say in the matter.

But it is a universal truth that it is rather easier for a young one to helplessly utterly fall in infatuation and lose control. And sometimes it goes like that in both ends of a pair, and then there are biochemical cocktails. But more often and seldom it happens that only one has an overdose, while the other looks away. Imagine such hang over.

It is a matter of putting your needs and hopes in another person, when it fails it is normally too late to move them back, it's like loosing baggage in the airport. But there is not refund in anyway.

So sad.
So depressing.
So effing romantic.
And effing painful.

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