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Let's say yesterday I was... buying wheels... yes, wheels.

There was option A. It was quite risky because I knew nothing of wheel A, I had very few details and nothing else but an offer to get it. It was full of spikes, death metal and hardcore C2H5OH formulas. It was risky. Very risky.
But there was a chance a <.0001 chance I would love A because of some special perks I was told it had, and boy, have I been waiting to get the perks.

Then I was told of B. Risk was low, I was already familiar with it, but had not used them enough to say I would be comfortable using B wheels. But B are artistic, alternative and while there was going to be some C2H5OH, the point was not the formula, but the long run. It was mildly risky.

And at first B had no attractive options, so I chose the huge risk, I went out of my way just for the chance of something else. So I chose A, called in and said I'd be there. The contract was signed.
But then people from B called. They said they were now offering a big variety of extra benefits and perks, non of which I had heard of before, but still, perks.
I was already signed up for A and there was no way back. It saddened me, but A still had that one probability which mad it all good.

But then uncertainty makes an entrance, and I am placed in my way to A, but the circumstances dictate that will no longer be possible.

Instead I'm taken to C. My good old wheels, I know them, I use them all the time, there's absolutely no risk at all. But there are no benefits either. And so it ends, the uncertainty of which option, killed by safety.

Remember that old mexican saying "better known bad than good to know" (bad translation), well that saying is bullshit. Because you will always wonder what would A&B be like. And you regret it. But there's nothing you can do now, you are doomed.

But don't worry. These were only wheels I was talking about...

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