The night the school burned down

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In the hope that dream sequences are not outdated I shall tell you a story only I know.

At first I was roaming around a public mall, but I didn't enter I was just walking around it, like waiting for something. That mall was special, it was the only thing close to a convenience store in miles from our school. Because, you might want to know, we were in a boarding high school with all the people we love and (not so much) cherish.

Then I recall being accompanied by a friend of mine, one of the prettiest girls I know, we were talking trash about school and other people like common teenagers. We were still outside the mall, and then given the dream status of the story I knew that somehow the mall was burning down in the inside. But I did nothing; I preferred to stay talking with my friend. Later that night, when we were back at the school we heard the horrible news that the mall had burn down and nobody had been able to do anything about it. A thousand people had died either burn or crushed by the crumbling building. Or so it goes.

I didn't felt guilty, at least not like I was supposed to. Instead I went to sleep. And since you can't really have dreams inside a dream (at least not me) I automatically woke up with Uncle Master, the head of deans, in my room telling me we had to leave. Me and a small group of other students had been brought to the lab where we were explained that we were some sort of special force group and we were to rescue people from a fire. The fire had extended to our school.

The dean explained that this was not a common fire, that it was a retarded one, which meant it burned slowly, which gave us more time. The downside is that nobody could see this retarded fire until it was too late, which could explain why people at the mall couldn't do anything about it. Like the good sunuvabitch I am I asked the dean how could he know about this if nobody was able to see the fire. He looked at me and said with his eyes three cold and sharp words "no stupid questions". So he explained how we were supposed to end the fire, he gave us a super potent universal solvent that could disintegrate doors and other obstacles, and a crystal alloy in dust that would suffocate the fire at the contact. We were freaking special with our solvents and dusts. My friend was there too, we started talking.

At this point I was supposed to know in the dream that this friend and I had been especially close lately and so we were chatting while the other honorable people saved lives. I can't remember if we even did something positive or an attempt to do anything to save anyone, we were having fun; but then she told me she had to go to her room for something real quick. I was going to wait but then I remembered the people who died in the mall, I wasn't able to do anything there, but maybe now I was going to do something, I'd be a hero.

So while others were going room by room saving people I thought of a bigger purpose, I thought I'd go to the boiler room where all the other machines were, because somehow I knew that if the fire got there it was all over. In what sort of boarding school is there a machine room? Anyway, while running to the basement I saw lots of people running around and some of my special team partners disintegrating crumbled walls that blocked the way. The school had begun to fall to its bases. When I finally got to the machine room it was all in flames, invisible flames that didn't burn. There I started to throw our magic crystal dust around in hopes that simple action got me the hero status. It didn't. The machines were okay, and I actually didn't know what any of them made, for all I know they were decoration; there are no decoration-saving heroes.

For some reason I knew my pretty friend was at the other side of the second door in the machine room, so I went there. I entered an immense gray and blue room with a really high ceiling, it was about 50 meters high, or at least it game me that impression. Then my friend and I started talking about life and such, how it was a terrible tragedy that nobody could have saved those poor people in the mall. I agreed, even if I had been able to, I didn't mentioned it. She began to cry, I didn't know what to do, so I awkwardly held her and told her things would be fine. She backed off and said she couldn't do this, said that living a double life as she did, she had no time to commit or anything, and so she ran away.

At that point I wish I had been heartbroken, or any of the sort, I wasn't. I was not sure why she had understood I wanted something else, I didn't. Maybe I was too flirty, bah, I couldn't flirt to save my life. To be honest I was content with the idea of rumors being told of us being in a relationship, she was really pretty, and that sure ought to give me some status of some sort. Was I a terrible person for thinking that? Maybe that's why she left me, even if there was nothing lo leave. The worst part was that I didn't feel bad, she was a good friend but wasn't vital, and God knows I didn't like her for reasons only you and I know.

The gray and blue room started to vanish and eventually I was standing in a rooftop somewhere sunny. I walked around to find where I was and I found a group of jocks playing around a pool. I went over there to ask them where we were, but they were busy laughing at my pajamas and the viscous fluid i held in a beaker. I thanked chance they hadn't seen the fire suffocating dust, it was shiny pink. As the indecent bullies they were they approached me to mock me and throw me around; terrible mistake. As soon as one was close enough I threw solvent to his eye, he screamed so hard I was sure people in other buildings could hear him. If I wasn't going to be a hero at the very least I wasn't going to be a victim.

So there was some sort of brawl, which was more a solvent delivery dance: they approached rhythmically, I delivered solvent, they cried in pain holding their eye, or their jaw, or head, or crotch. Any pain was good enough for me. At some point I thought I could get Uncle Master in trouble for using as a weapon what he had clearly gave me to save others, now I was going to be banned in disgrace; that I wouldn't allow. So I tried to run away, but the bullies kept following me, so I did what I thought was best. I affected their limbs in such a way they weren't able to move, then I threw them to the pool, I once heard people who drown end so swollen there is few they can tell about their bodies, I hoped that would be the case and that they would never link me to their deaths. I was only worried about the fact that anyone found out.

I went back to the machine room and climbed to the rooms, there was nobody left, just invisible fire. I used the dust I had left to throw it around; even if I wasn't sure the invisible fire was there. I thought it would be some story staying there, making sure nobody was left behind; when they found me I would be a hero, even more a martyr. Just imagine the funeral if by any chance I ended up dying. I bet there would be fireworks, are fireworks allowed in funerals? Maybe not, they would make an exception for me, the kid who stayed to save everyone else. My name would mean something then.

But later I aborted the idea, I had not even made a dramatic good bye letter or any of the things a natural martyr should have ready at all times. So I went out of the building, everyone was out in the parking lot with blankets, hot chocolate and so. "Where were you?" asked Uncle Master as he approached in a rush. "Checking if there was still someone in" I said, trying to sound as much as a hero as I could. "Well I signaled the report that everyone was out two hours ago, we where only looking for you" he said, I noticed he had been worried, but was he worried because I was some student? or was he worried especially for me? I guess I would never know.

"Sorry sir"

The only car I saw leave that night was a white Sedan, in the back seat was my pretty friend, she was being transferred.

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