Ten minutes

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You are counting the seconds for that clock hand to finally reach the twelve so you can listen the liberating sound of a bell, or the clamorous voice of the person in the front saying "you may leave". Oh those words, you need them, even if the class is not that bad. Actually, you like the class, but you can't stop thinking about the next one, and ten minutes away from it seems eternity.

It is ten minutes in which you can't concentrate in any other thing than for the class to be over, or how the next one will be (you might not feel this but try to bare with me, yes there is a point). They are ten minutes which can feel like an eternity or may slip from your hands without realizing. But it doesn't really matter weather you use well or not these last 600 seconds, they will be over soon and then the class will be over, no to ever begin again (until next Tuesday at 12:oo).

Have you felt those last ten minutes? How they feel like inexistent, yet have the ability to seem eternal? Have you been in that time space position where you would just wish either you had 10 more or that they were over for once and for all?

Well, as it happens right now things feel like those last ten minutes. I can't escape them, I don't want them to run out, and seem more like a waiting than actual class time. But there's very few I can do, so I will just have to count the seconds, thinking about the next class, how will this be over and so on, completely overlooking that the teacher is just reaching the climax...

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