Needed to ramble

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More than a commentary post, or anything with actual content, this one's for when I look back and want to know how things were back then (now).

This ship has sailed, it is going places, but I don't know where. A world citizen once told me that there is no way of getting lost if you have no destiny. That's what keeps me from saying I'm lost. I don't know where I'm heading to, if it is the same crap, a great perhaps or god knows what. I only know it is not the same place I was.

I feel some strings breaking. I can see the downfall, but I can't seem to figure out the restructure.

The same old condition/situation/problem is... the same old thing. It makes you lonely, isolated and kind of a sham. Being so different makes life interesting I guess, but being so apart from everyone else gets you to a point where it is hard to relate to anyone. I guess I have much luck having found some weirdos in my path. I just wish there were more.


It is so ridiculous that I get sad about this crap, that I even think about it. Life's short and absurd. I should get out and conquer the world, or something. But my -for people- face is just so... insecure, so stupid and time wasting. It is ridiculous that I can see all these things, I can dissect all these phenomenons to their very core; I understand them. But I'm still just some insecure kid. Life's ridiculous, I should be living the decadent adventures of youth.

But I'm not shallow. To be me I must be... complicated. I don't do simple, I don't do easy going.

I could blame an inherited story of drama and such. But you know, I'm just rambling, not telling you about my entire life. Though, somehow I do.

I dream of the day when someone discovers these posts and elaborates a complex plan to get my attention and use this information to get closer. But I suppose that's the sickest thing I could say when rambling.

El doctorado no te quita lo pendejo, ni mucho menos el hábito de usar reglas de tres.

El departamento de diseño ignoró por completo mis silenciosas y discretas solicitudes de admisión, vamos que basicamente fue como si nunca me hubiera plantado ahí por una hora.


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