Youth's manifesto

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Friday, October 01, 2010

The youth's manifesto by I'm the penguin

We're all going to die tomorrow, or some other day.

We will fight to our deaths for the ideas and passions in our heads.

We see that which surrounds us and realize how it is viced, disorganized, the structure is rotten. With our words and steps we shall try to destroy the ancient monsters that assault our present, and with art, work and love we shall ignite our souls and change the world. or at least try to.

We don't owe anything to the system (yet) and from the ideological independence we shall rise from above the unidimensional structures and flood the world with revolutions, and voices and will.

We don't need food, we feed from beauty.
We don't need shelter, we are protected by our youth and energy.

We are an ever streaming force that can't be bought, robbed or polluted; and either as promise or threat, we conjure today that we shall be contained never more.

And so we prepare armies of dreams, new intentions and lost causes.
They can cut every flower, but they will never stop the spring

We are never to be hopeless, for we can't be irreparably broken.

I just hope, that in 20 years, I am not part of that which I fight against today

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flashback of better times? Or patronizing of the self past? :]