About creation and copying

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Friday, October 15, 2010

The other day while in leisure, or should I say procrastination, I found out that the first blog was a journal of a man's journey into the wonders of the Internet. His incredible findings were left recorded in a website, for anyone to watch.

While he was not creating content per se, he was collecting pieces of his daily life and putting them together. The blog was a filter of all what he saw presented in a maybe unprecedented collection, he was showing the world the internet trough his little looking glass.

That got e thinking. Wasn't Einstein who said creativity was hiding well your sources? This meaning that all new creations were inspired, copied, cut, remade and recycled from previously existing ideas. To seem authentic we can only hope for people never find all the little pieces that made our final work.

But in the long run that's creating isn't it? Picking the little parts you see, choosing the ones you find appealing and giving them your own twist, your own insight. Isn't art just a projection of all of our observations put together and filtered trough our own little looking glasses?

Just a thought.

[But don't think for a second, Dearest Kite, that my mockery towards sub-rented creation will stop, what kind of insensitive prick would I be otherwise?]

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