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This is somehow as we imagine it... but how?

Evolution through natural selection seemed so obvious, so understandable, clear and awesome. I even made (make) a strong judgment and criticism towards those who don't believe in evolution (don't ever let my philosophy prof. ever see I used the word believe, but you get my drill). I was told in class that evolution is a fact, as clear as that the earth spins around the sun, and I don’t argue that. I do believe in Dobzhansky’s statement “Nothing in Biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” But the ‘How?’ is the one currently intriguing me deeply.

I find it both uncomfortable and beautiful that I’m having these types of questions whose answers are not to be found in textbooks, and that when I google them, I find parts of the answer in the latest issue of Science or Nature. I like talking to my friends about the confusion, the new ideas, the classes, etc. and doing our political speeches defending the existence of a class that we want to take (and are supposed to take) in 7th semester.

And I think about Darwin, Lamarck, Molecular Biology research, Epigenetics, Science and Nature, and science and nature. And I smile. :)

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