Autumn time

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Friday, October 29, 2010

Sitting in an autumn bench, they observed the manipulated paper while chatting about the entities forming the universe. He talked about the 4th dimension and how we can perceive it in one only direction. She added that almost all social constructions are based on that fact: we only see time as a forward vector.

But to know physics, is to know that time is in "both" of the directions. Or at least that's what the normal science has told us so far. And so back to them, in their natural surrounding of dead leaves and blank stares, they proposed how would the world (by world meaning human existence) be if we could perceive time in both directions. Assuming of course uncertainty would have developed into humans in this hypothetical case.

"We'd see our birth and dead at the same time, and everything in between would be a group of independent events without memory, determined solely by chance"

"It would have to work as a perpetual infancy if we were supposed to live for some time, we'd be unconscious entities"

"Maybe we'd be kids at first... and when we finally became conscious... and grew up, in that same moment

"we would die" they both said at the same time looking at the realization in the face with fright. and curiosity.

Them they remained silent for an instant. Thinking, if maybe, we're delusional about not being able to percieve time in both directions. Maybe it's just an instant, in less than a second, and then it's gone.

Or is it all an independent event with no memory, but fake identities and sorrows?

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