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My philosophical piece of opinion of the day.

There is a lot of hate around the christian faith. I know it. You know it. It is no secret to anyone. And it does not matter what subdivision you are, protestant, catholic, bapthist. The point is that you believe in the Old testament (Jewish believes) and Jesus. And where is the hate? Everywhere.

It comes out, these churches attack some minorities, and have amongst their believes that it is right to make a person feel less of themselves. That is cruel, and inhuman; and by no standards should be permitted.

But it also goes in. People who feel attacked, or simply disagree with them are constatly attacking them personally. But the fact is, that if we are critizing someone for judging, aren't we worse by doing it back, since we actually pretend we know better?

And I know this is a though call, because the people belongging to those religious agroupations are doing what they think is right, maybe not convenient for everyone, but what is right. And the people who defend themselves, and the people who ridiculize these organizations are doing what they think is right given their own personal religious or non religous believes. Everyone here is acting baqsed on their principles.

And given that premise, I can state that there will never be a complete agreement from both parties. What must happen is that we need to agree to disagree. But that is something many already know, and there are people from both sides working on it.

Being that said, I would like to explain my view.

I don't dislike the christian religion. It is based on the principle of Jesus, who if had or not existed is still a symbol of forgiveness, love and redemption. 2000 years later it doesn't really matter if he ever lived or made such things. What matters is that we carry the message of forgiveness and love, because who ever spread it, Jesus, or a very kind storyteller; what matters is that that manner of human behaviour is the one that can ensure peace and freedom.

So no, I don't think the religion is wrong. What I think is wrong is using it as a shield and weapon to preach hate, when it is actually found in love. And I know the Bible says many things, I know that it states homosexuals should be killed (Old testament) I know it states everywhere how women are inferior to men, I know it states ambigous passages that could deminish the African race (and others). But I also know it was written thousands of years ago, before any human right legislation, before any Versalles agreement. We should know that this was the way of thinking of people who lived in a completely different time.

And you may argue that that is God's word. And I can't really deny it, because it's your believe. I can disagree. But I also can say that God himself gave us the right of the free will by letting us by ourselves in Earth. We have that God given right, to make our own minds up, we have the right to question. And I only say, why don't we try and see the Bible more as an ethic referendum than a life guide, and instead we behave accordingly with all the civil rights we have accomplished? But then again you would still be in your right to ignore.

And even if the Bible, or any other old scripture says whatever they want, for me the important message of Christianity is Jesus, or elese it would be called Judahism. So why not follow the ways thaught by what we know he did? Why not just focus in the spirituality an comunion that a religion should be and let all the hate aside? Because that is the true spirit of the religion, not hate but love.

That's why I admire it. The religion. Not the people who use it to preach their own agenda.

And that is a right you can never wrong.

by I'm the penguin

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