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Since this week is the end of the beginning, and the beginning of another beginning is coming next week, I was too drawn into nothingness to bring you an actual piece (of anything) so instead I'll give you what these days have given me.

A true bite of good stories in this time of decadence and sparkles. Not only a smart tale of vampires, but also a crushing critique and statement about society and morals.

"When I do it, it is flirting. When you do it, it is called sexual harassment."

This movie has it, that long lost typical story of an Englishman living trough adversity in his way to happiness, having obstacles and false ways on the path. And while this is the formula for most cheap stories now (minus the Englishman) this one stands out because it has the -good- factor. It is a comedy that most be seen, about the role of journalists, writers and celebrities in the wild chaos we call today's media. (oh yea, and there is Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

-Here is a small fact...-
You are going to die

This book is simply beautiful, heartbreaking, cruel and awesome. There is just more to it than what the story tells, and much more than what the context is about.

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