What we do about them

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Their role in society is very absurd, and amusing. Everyone knows they are there, everyone has seen them, yet nobody cares. And just some are honest enough or plain cynics to admit so:We just don't care what happens to them. Because while they are still people, and are a lot of people, we try not to recognize their exitence, because in doing so, we also acknowledge many flaws in ours. And that is just something that we won't allow.

When mentioned, the noble thing to say is that you hope them good, that if it was in your power you would make them one of you, one of the people who can sit in around coffee tables and discuss affairs nobody really gives a crap about. But you don't, at least not really, because wether you know it or not, the fact that they are covered by the veil of anonimity, by the cloud of ignorance, is what makes you be above that, to be able to look down. They make all the down you can look at. And changing that is something else you won't allow.

And when finaly facing them, acknowleding their existence for a few seconds, there are several reactions. Indifference is a big one, it is actually the one the mayority is trained to perform. But there are several others, the big woman on the right pities them, the redhead in the center doesn't trust them, (she thinks they might attack and rebel at any second, and she has her reasons to think so) and the humanitarian in the left just stares, stares sympathizing, stares wishing them well, but stares, actionless.

I? Well, I just try to figure a story that could have placed them there, but there are countless possibilities of what may have happened, because they have always been there, and will always be there. So I just wonder, wonder about their whereabouts, wonder about their past, wonder. Actionless.

by I'm the penguin

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