Me swea-nee-o wa-hee-roh

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The other day you asked me, technically I asked first and you just proceeded as usual. I remember your answer, it was something I didn't actually expect, even if you are one of my favorite subjects. I didn't know you wanted to be a DJ, or that you even liked them that much. But that just reinforced your role as the prototype of contemporary hero, and made you grow bigger in me. But that's a whole different topic.

I don't really remember what I said back (I actually remember it perfectly, even the tone and ramble used) it was something stupid and unthoughtfull like a college catedratic or something like that ("umm... I don't know, like... a teacher form a facy Univesity and stuff, being like important there or something"<-quote). The point is that when I said it, and you pretended to be okay with it (because that's how cool you are) I knew that while it could be expected from me, that was not my actual -sueño guajiro-[no translation for that]. That if given the chance tostudy or be anything I would want to, that would not be my first option. At least now, at the time that was all I could come up with.

I've given some though to it, I've wandered in my favorite place on Earth and ask around what would I be if given the chance. And there were so many answers, so many possibilities. I love art, but I am not good enough to live of it. I love science, but it becomes sort of dull once the the reuslts no longer start with because. I like writting, but you more than anyone (actually you have never read anything written by me...) knows that I wouldn't be able to eat from it. I also like the outdoors and the environment. And I could hardly do a job where I knew I was making no difference or trascendence in the world.

So, having this in mind I reasearched the dregrees in different universities of the world, looking for the Bachelor degree in "Literary Photography of the Environment and Art in the Revolution of the World Engenieering", of course I tried several variations in the key words, for some reason there were no results, I might have made a typo or two...

I imagined later that I found it. It conviniently was in a college near home, which made it all better because they had scholarships and exchanges for full years to Europe and Canada (they were mad with America for not recognizing its degrees). I would study there and find that was my true vocation, that nothing else in the wolrd would have made me more happy. There I would experience a bunch of interesting experiences that would then serve for my first published work of short stories based on the college experience out of the Frat house series. There too, I would meet the most amazing people, and fall in love and have my hear broken three times, but then I would find the right one.

Then, I would graduate and start travelling the world, I would start in some small magazines, and would then be working for Discovery and National Geographic (they had to let me work for both if they wanted my amazing covers). Of course then I would make books with my pictures and would write novels based on all what I lived, which would make me a two-year lasting celebrity with New York Best Sellers (because I would have sold my soul a bit by this time).

Then I would retire for a while and just work in my photography while living in the city, using full use of my long lost fame to get some booty (I have all this planned out, even THAT part). Then, I would win one of those awards no one has ever heard of, and would be late for the ceremony and give a mindblowing speech which I most likely robbed pieces from some cheap romantic comedies along with high literature clasics (no one would dare to notice the mix). And then I would grow old, and reminice about my exiting youth, my fruitfull adulthood and my by then comfortable eldery.

And in my spare time I would wonder how horrible would my life had been if I hadn't found out about that degree.

It would definetly suck.


So there you, that is my -sueño guajiro- which I could not have possibly use any less words to describe. But you know how this things are with me, I'm complicated (thing I don't think you really care about). Well... anyway, I just had to say it, since you know... you asked.

best wishes

by I'm the penguin

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