What happened to the raisins?

Posted by Mrs. Kite | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2009

I forgot it for a while, I actually forgot about several things.
I was about to deliver the papers when I got intercepted and continued to participate in the required social interaction which took about 45 minutes, after they left I decided to continue with my chores, even if it was a little late for some of them. As I delivered the papers I got trapped once again in a catch-up conversation, which eventually erased from my mind the fact that I had left my ceral cup abandoned.
When I came back, the thought was not reachable anymore, and all I could remember was the other one thing I had forgotten, which was, as always, the dishes. Dishes that I forget because casually they're not mine. (I tend to forget this responsabilities which I don't actually consider as mine, obviously) Then Dan called, and I was in no mood of answering, so I left the phone ringin, though this was not an effective solution since he called again, and again. That was Dan. So I answered, and wishing I had the default Verizon voice [ref: xkcd] I finally answered.
No I do not want to go, No I will not lend you money, No I don't know were you left your keys, Yes we'll talk later. Bye
I finally returned at my room, about 3 hours later, only to find I had forgotten my ceral cup, which was now a dense dough-like substance, with swollen raisins.

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