Bloody and the compounds

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I though about it, you know. The paper I showed you the other day, the one that depicted with incorrectly written nomenclatures and insoluble compounds, trying to describe of what am I composed of. And I knew it would be sort of inaccurate, and I knew you would say so too, so the surprise was when you told me you were the same. That even with the distance difference we could get the same results in that sort of crappy test. And I was not naïve, I knew it was not a coincidence from the beginning.

But what there is to get from here is hardly that we got the same, but what that meant. Because the description mentioned substances of great solubility with foreign chemicals, multiple uses for the outdoors and the harmonics. Yet, in the formula it also contained compounds of only low density, not one reached even the water’s. It also said we could not have deep feelings. And just ask the stirring rod, there is plenty of space for feelings.

And well, without so many metaphors, my theory is that it is because we are observers. We stand aside from what’s really happening and we sit to watch, how they speak, how they walk, how they make love. We stare, we don’t start. And even if we participate, we know we’re not fully in, because otherwise we couldn’t be out, observing. And so I think that when it comes to telling the truth it is revealed we’re not involved, so the tests show low density, as if the matter occupying that space was less than the space itself.

And this theory works, because we can get away with saying that because of our life profession, we appear as empty vessels, because that is what we need to do to do what we do. Doo doo doo.

But, as always when I make theories; I though it trough and saw how very fake I was maybe being. Because the question crossed my mind just like I t it has crossed yours (because obviously you’ve gone through this same thoughts) Is it really that? That because we observe it seems we don’t feel? Or is it that we don’t feel and thus we observe, trying to elaborate a counter paradigm.


You tell me Mister



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