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Today I wanted to share some pictures I've collected over the years. Of course they're not mine, and of course I don't know who made them. So I just want to disclaim I ignore the authors but would be more than happy to acknowledge credits if commented on who made them.

This one is simply absurd and fascinating. The sort of thing I'm into

The colors should be able to speak for themselves on why I chose this.

If you look close enough, you will find this is little red riding hood. And well, If you know me, you know that the symbols this contains are just far too great to ignore. The overcoming of being a victim, the rebelion against the prototypes, the mysticism, and the power to the "weak". It's just to awesome not to love it.

Well, I don't just like photographs. And while there are paintings I like more, this for some reason called me, and so it's amongst my cool pictures.

What can I say? It has contrast and clouds...

Its beauty is simple and obvious, and yet it holds a mystery within the blacks and whites.

collection of I'm the penguin

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