Dreams and facts

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Dreams, I could hardly describe their impact on society and art, or fiction and philosophy. Far from being just image, sound and feeling recollections in our brain, they are considered to be out of this world, to be something far beyond. They are greatly related to mysticism and the occult, the fantasy and future telling.

But trying to see trough all these, the fiction, and starting to see the facts; we know dreams arebut subconcient elements. We live our lives thinking the dennotation of things, the meaning of what they are, and sometimes we have time to look into the connotation, what does it mean in a context. But it is rare to encounter someone who actually tries to find the connotation within him/herself. That is, given the person you are, sumed with your experiences and knowledge what do things, people or places mean to you.

And the answer of what do they mean is butchered, put into images you can associate so there is the actual meaning your subconcious knows. And then they are called dreams. And the interpretation of them should be that, trying to find the events and surroundings of each thing in the dream, and decode what part of our lives it is. But obviously dreams don't just throw (always) a single symbol for you to understand, there are a bunch of them, living toether in your sleep. But the fact that they are together should not be understood that together they form another interpretation.

You see, the components introduced by the subconcious are there meaning something, like putting groceries in a bag. They are mean for you to use them, but not exactly together. Maybe you introduce carrots and a brand new mirror, but that doesn't mean you're eating carrots served in a mirror. (I mean you could bu that's beside the point). The point here is that we should not see the whole "episode" of a dream as a plot where everything there has a single meaning. We have to analyze them, break them and look for the pieces. Then be disappointed that the best dream in the history of humanity, for it being just about your hate towards pancakes, qeues, and that you have to pick up your parents from the airport.

[Disclaimer: If you enjoy seeing dreams as something occult beyond my "narrow" understanding, please ignore this and go on with your life. I bet it is special.]
by I'm the penguin

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