Hatred to coincidence

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Today I came to a conclusion, that because of its nature I might take back one day, but today it is very true:

The Human being hates above all things, cannot conceive, and can simply not recognize coincidences.

It is in fact a miracle we have invented the word, because above all things, it is a concept we try to avoid with all our might, our history and our stories.

The Universe could not simply by coincidence form matter out of energy, derive into hydrogen, build by collision other atoms that had different nucleus, then form big hot masses that collided with each other. It is just too fishy that by coincidence one big big ball of mass made planets and one of them cooled off and had the appearance of organic matter and then biomolecules. And something we just can't come to understand, because honestly is too f*ing impossible is that because of coincidence this biomolecules ended being archaebacteria, who then became cyanobacteria, who filled the atmosphere with O2.

Don't even get me started in the impossibility that it is in fact to believe that it was not in purpose, that there was no intention into the whole affair that was moving from archaebateria to eukaryotes, to autotrophs, to animals, to apes to hominids! It is just too much! We can't! It is just impossible to conceive that it was a coincidence, that there are actual odds to it, that if something very little had gone differently maybe nothing would have happen in that chain of events.

Not just in natural history, but in things we see today, it is just simply too difficult to acknowledge that a cold wind is just a cold wind in an abandoned house. It is not something we do to try to explain how just by coincidence the other day we read in the horoscope we would have a big chance and today we can go to Europe for a cheap cost. We are just not made for it.

And so we make stories, and believe them, because any other way we would not be able to live with it. Coincidence and chance is just far too brute, trashy, anticlimactic; it leaves no space for drama, destiny or foreshadow. And that is something we cannot conceive, accept or live with. We had myths, which had to end because of observation, we have legends that begin to vanish because of explanation. And yet we continue to tell them, to pass them on, because secretly in a littlle corner of ourselves we still hope that is the real explanation.

So we create characters, and scenarios, and archetypes and plots. Because that way it could all make sense. We only need to create one single story that can explain it all, and if it can't change it shamelessly in time so it does.

That is the only way.

Of that I'm convinced.

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