Murderers, sciences and talent

Posted by I'm the penguin | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, November 04, 2009

ogToday is Wednesday and I still don't know it, but in this week I will encounter this three new things:

Murderers: Of course I knew of their existence, and I had heard (of) them. But it is a complete different thing to have them in front of you.

Sciences: In a metaphoric way of course since actual sciences and I have been friends for some time, but this was different, they sent an emissary saying to come in their name.

Talent: I knew nothing of that sort, and at the end of the week I still won't, but it was there.

The murderers will kill me, their lullaby will cut me open, and I guess that will change my mind. Then they will look into my beautiful eyes and will loose control. They will also make me wonder if I am a human, a dancer, or else.

Sciences will plot an entire plan to make me see them indirectly. The place will be the right one, but I won't notice. What I will notice is their emissary, who at first will look foreign and uncertain, but will then prove to be true. What will give the emissary away will be the tag in the back that will literally read 'sciences'. Then I will know and understand what they were trying to say (maybe). And I will understand too why was the emissary chosen, because just like every science, this emissary will be complex, dreamy and oh so beautiful.

And talent, well... the lack of it will by the sour cherry in the pie (yes, the pie). It will be frustrating, then exhilarating, then funny, and then nothing. But you know nothing of this, so the future will not change, and thou shall suffer.

But anyway, today I know about all these events but I have no idea how will they affect me. So... I will just have to wind it up.

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