Stop the menace

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They're dangerous,don't trust them. They are the idealists and at sight of one you should be scared.

It's easy to recognize them, they usually seem like pensive all the time and keep a perpetual sight of depth and reason, very much alike the one produced by some drugs (this doesn't imply they're always using them).

You will also find that they tend to be elusive and not always easy to spot. Then you will have to use more invasive methods, but we assure you, you will identify them. Idealists are constantly thinking about stuff people like you and I would probably never do, and this is because they praise that which is immaterial and abstract. An idealist will always cherish an idea or a concept over something they can touch or actually do. They will be found thinking about others and how to make a world better, this might sound pretty but history show this people only bring chaos.

There is something you must understand about them: they're all about the abstraction, and they will try to convince you otherwise, they'll try to convince you about taking action. But don't let yourself be fooled, people who take action are called activists, and when an idealist becomes an activist it then has passed to a ground beyond good or evil, so we shall deal with idealists only for now.

They will develop complex ideas and will fight the system with hopes and dreams, and here is where they are the most dangerous. We might think that their speeches and intentions are only ideas, and they certainly are, but a bad judgement would be to underestimate this people and let them go on. You will find that hopes tend to be much more dangerous than they seem, so they must be stopped at all cost.

If you encounter an idealist it shouldn't be hard to stop it. The first step is to identify them, and then you must do whatever is in your power to get them into the system, to make them desist their plans of world change and fight for rights. They must be controlled at an early stage, cut their aspirations and abstraction at an early age, take them to professionals for this is the only way to stop them at an early time. Do not worry if the idealist is a loved one, it is only a matter of changing them so they get back to being useful members of society. In no time they should be functional.

Studies have shown that very much like a drug addict, idealists are always idealists and should be treated like that. So while they can take a normal life after being reformed, it happens every once in a while that those thoughts of human rights and liberation come back. In those cases, the people surrounding the idealist should do whatever in their power to discourage them, make them see reality and avoid any contact with the history villains known as philosophers. This part is very important, or else they might get contaminating ideas.

One last thing about treating with idealists: There will be something inside them that will always tell them to keep fighting and that they have a cause, for this they shall not be trusted or followed; they are dangerous for the system and good costumes.

We hope this guide help you in your life and in reforming society.

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