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My excuse?

I'm a statistic now

Actually, I'm not aware of any of the percentages being handled, but now I figure in the data. I'm part of the reports shown so people can be informed in the demographics.

And like this is how I come to think of demographics, indexes and rates. When I see one of those I'm aware they're referring to people, but I don't really relate you see? Because maybe 30% of all people has disease X, but unless i know someone with disease X I don't really think of the 30% as an amount of people.

Then there is the other thing, do all those numbers brand us? Do they speak about who we are? They surely say something, something about where we live, what do we consume, how much we earn. But they refer to a community, a whole, what if we're simply atypical data. What if we simple are not

So once we're inside the percentage, or the rate, does that make it more real, or those that makes it less serious? Do my percentages mean something? do they speak for my self?


anything else you may want to know about me?

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