Home home home.

Posted by Mrs. Kite | Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This is my first day back home. Yesterday night was not very significant in a being-home-acknowledgment way. Still.
I wake up to see the white tall ceiling. 'This is not my ceiling' I say to myself.
It feels a lot hotter, the room is bigger, and there's a large window which I finally recognize as my old house. My 'real' house, the house I left but never abandoned.
I tell myself it's going to be a reading summer, I see the book by my side, but instead I grab my iPod and listen to some music.
Finally, when I feel too hot, I get out of bed. I go to the TV and watch some quality comedies with my brother as I grab some cereal.
And for a while, just for a little while, it is as if I never left... then, I can't find the sugar in the kitchen, or the cables for the stereo.
I realize I don't live here anymore.

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air mouthfuls, but backwards . i suppose these kind of realizations both kill you and resurrect you don't they? while change signs may elude your perception, this instants exist like ghosts of the present, reminding you you're not the same you were yesterday, foreshadowing change and never going back to where you once were.

what happens years/lives later when you go back? do ghosts become so old an reminiscing, they welcome you with the warm wind of nostalgia? and so you wonder which things from today will one day haunt you, closing this never ending loop of departure/discovery.