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When we are 50, what will I remember about now?

That's a question that has got me thinking a lot lately, because of course we will all have idealized versions of what our youth was, but how much will I have to back up that idealism? At some point I feel a little overwhelmed with the responsibility I have to my own future, and that's just ridiculously neurotic.
I'm that character am I not? The worrying owl.

I can cling on to the ideas and the friends, which are the best there is. i suppose. And the shinning wit and the passion for irony. The bonobos and bitch fight clubs. There's some unicorn dancing on the way, somewhere.

Thinking about the characters we are I remembered our talk, and my posts. And like you said, there are characters we can only play with some people, and if they're gone, there goes our role. And while I love the dramatic penguin and the freaky owl, I wish I could get the part of the quirky wolf more often. There's something about wishing and entropy that is fun just to leave out there.

Because there's little or no difference between nostalgia and yearning for the future. And there is such a romantic feel to nostalgia.

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I think, inside us a rather intricate soap opera is airing. I mean that characters come and go, and fight and die, and love and hate within us. I will forever feel nostalgic about all of them, mainly because I know I wont remember them all, but in a very Proustian way those moments when I remember the small things, I will smile, while I'm alive. :)