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Today (yesterday) I didn't have many of those moments where I realize something about life, or take a picture, or do anything blog worthy. I think.

I saw dearest DHL, had some unexpected waffles and at the end I went back to kiddie times.

Things could have probably gone different. A day earlier I was about to take out 6 great movies, maybe today I would have 6 epiphanies, or maybe I would have written a poem, a short story, something inspired by great works of art. Must surly just another crappy art-wannabe-essay. But that would've been something.

It could have gone differently by us going to the bookstore and finding something/someone interesting. Maybe a book would have changed my life completely, or maybe just a magazine article, who knows?

And instead of going to the kiddie times I could have ran to the teenage vampire slaying decadence with my Faiths. That could've ended in rainbow joy. But it didn't.

I could be different person today, maybe. But I'm not.(amI?)

That's something we sort of miss out of sight, everyday there are things that shape us, and we never know when we could have easily missed the chance to a great perhaps, or the last fall, or the first love. Sure, I've been talking about this same shit for centuries now, but it never ends to amaze just how much we leave to uncertainty about our lives.

And the amount of responsibility we give to uncertainty, fearing its just our choices that are making our lives what they are.

Get them to love you,
while the may depending
on your words and wealth,
the only one who's really
judging you is yourself.
Nobody else.

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"Let me step out of my shell
I'm wrapped in sheets of milky (winter) summer disorder
Let me feel the air again, the talk of friends
The mind of someone my equal."

Something changed.
This post was so made for the situation, that I had to make some sort of post-reply. :/